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What is Grade 50934AH?

Grade 50934AH borosilicate glass microfiber filter from Johnson Test Papers is a smooth surface, binder free water quality filter with unique high temperature resistance and high retention efficiency. It offers fine particle retention and product stability to over 500°C and this temperature resistance makes Grade 50934AH well-suited for TCLP test methods and is also often used in total suspended solids analysis, air pollution testing, and related EPA and ASTM protocols

  • Smooth surface for efficient precipitate recovery
  • Nominal pore size of 1.5 µm
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 500°C
Grade 50934AH: 1.5 µm
Discover other binder-free glass microfiber filters from Johnson Test Papers. Options are available with different wet-strengths, loading capacities, filtration speeds, and particle retentions to meet your analysis needs.
Grade 50934AH water quality filters

Total suspended solids analysis (previously called non-filterable residue) requires high loading capacity glass microfiber filters, such as Johnson Test Papers’ Grade 50934AH. These filters are also used in

  • Cell harvesting
  • Liquid scintillation
  • air pollution monitoring
  • Determination of dissolved solids and volatile solids

Whatman Cross Reference 934AH
Speed class Fast
Thickness (mm) 0.28
Pore size (μM) 1.5
Weight (g/m²) 65
Filtration Speed (sec*) 60
Burst Strength (Kg/cm²) 20
*According to DIN 53137
Available Sizes
Diameter (mm) Product Code
21 50934AH21
24 50934AH24
25 50934AH25
47 50934AH47
55 50934AH55
90 50934AH90
110 50934AH110
125 50934AH125