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Environmental Monitoring

In our world of industrialization it is more important than ever to reduce pollution and contamination as much as possible. The environment in which we live has a direct effect on every living organism: Microorganisms, plants, animals, and human beings. In order to protect our environment, a great deal of legislation, regulations, and standards have been implemented that are mandatory for industries, motor vehicles, households and individuals. Adequate and precise environmental monitoring is a key element when trying to reduce pollution and contamination. Most of the laboratories conducting environmental monitoring use techniques that are based on filtration. Johnson Test Papers Filter offers state-of-the-art filter media on the basis of micro-glass and micro-quartz fibres that are being used for both water and air pollution monitoring in many parts of the world


Key Features

  • Qualitative analysis
  • Laboratory analysis
  • 100% pure borosilicate glass
  • Rapid flow rate
  • Excellent level of particle retention (pore size 0.7 to 2.7μm), not only on the surface but also at depth through mechanisms of electrostatic adsorption and other processes, resulting in some cases, retention sizes smaller than a micron
  • Large load capacity due to high apparent density (relationship between weight (g) and thickness) and nature of fibres
  • Long shelf life
  • Very high chemical purity (made with demineralised water)
  • Non hygroscopic therefore no variations in weight and biologically inert
  • High permeability to air hence good flow velocities. This makes them ideal for use in high volume detectors
  • Chemical resistance to most solvents and reagents (except hydrofluoric acid)
  • Resistant to temperatures of approx. 500°C. In the case of operating temperatures of up to 900°C we recommend the use Johnson Test Papers quartz microfibre filters
  • Mechanically resistant to creasing. Our sheets can be folded for transport or sent to the laboratory for field atmospheric analysis for example.
  • Brilliant white colour reflecting more than 96% of visible light
  • Custom cut


  • Filtration of industrial water
  • Quantitative determination of some types of freshwater algae
  • Staining of dyed (papers)
  • Determination of sediment content derived from petroleum products
  • Purification filtration
  • Ligand binding test
  • Solvents Filtration
  • Air pollution monitoring
  • Membranes pre filters
  • Samples filtration for HPLC
  • Protein filtration
  • Radio immuno tests
  • Total Suspended solids in water
  • Liquid scintillation counting
  • Suspended solids in smokes
  • Drinking Water filtration
  • Cells collections
  • Grease content in dairy products
  • Critical Analysis
  • Analysis of carbohydrates by means of hydrolysis
  • Elimination of carbonic materials in liquids
  • Gravimetric analysis of paints and pigments
  • Cellular crops
  • Emission Control and separation of chimney smokes, exhaust gases and aerosols
  • Control of combustion processes in boilers and generator of energy
  • Biochemical research
  • Analysis of Acidic Acids (Except HF)
  • Control of suspended lead particles in air
  • Control of emissions in Industrial smokestacks
  • Studies of content of heavy metals in the atmosphere
  • Gravimetric calculations in gases