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  • Glass Fibre Extraction Thimbles

    Johnson Test Papers offers an extensive range of high purity borosilicate glass fiber extraction thimbles without inorganic binder and in a variety of dimensions and wall thicknesses. They are completely free from binders and additives and have the same properties as filters made of this same material i.e. chemical stability, maximum temperature use of up to 500°C, high permeability against the passing of air, good load capacity and retention of particles and stability in weight. They are used in aggressive solvent extractions when the solvent is incompatible with cellulose thimbles. All of these properties above make them very appropriate for the use in controls of emission at high temperature, pre filtration of gases in analyzers and gravimetric analysis of dust in gases. Our glass fibre extraction thimbles are also very well suited for smoke stack gas monitoring because of their very high particle retention of 0.7micron and typical thickness of 2.0mm. They are also used for the analysis of pesticide residues, dust analysis in hot exhaust gases and analysis of oil and grease in solid waste. These thimbles are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your application. They fit standard soxhlet extractors.

    Key Features

    • Made from micro﹘glass fibres
    • Used for collection of dust particles and aerosols from gaseous streams
    • High temperature resistance 500 °C
    • Good chemical resistance


    • Controls of emission in industrial smokestacks
    • Prefiltration of gases in analysers
    • Gravimetric analysis of dust in gases
    Available Sizes
    Dimensions ⵁ x H Product Code
    Ø 16 x 50 mm 91650
    Ø 19 x 90 mm 91990
    Ø 22 x 80 mm 92280
    Ø 25 x 80 mm 92580
    Ø 30 x 77 mm 93077
    Ø 30 x 95 mm 93095
    Ø 30 x 100 mm 930100
    Ø 33 x 80 mm 93380
    Ø 33 x 94 mm 93394
    Ø 35 x 150 mm 935150
    Ø 43 x 123 mm 943123