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  • J-QUANT® Carbonate Hardness

    • These carbonate hardness test strips ensure rapid proven determination of alkalinity or carbonate hardness within 30 seconds after dipping into the sample.
    • Carbonate hardness is defined as the set number of alkaline earth ions in the water for which there is an equivalent amount of hydrogen carbonate ions and carbonate ions originating from dissolved carbonic acid present.
    • It can also be defined as the pH buffering capacity of water. The pH of water will not change if the it has a high level of carbonate hardness upon introducing acids or bases.
    • J-QUANT® Carbonate Hardness test strips are simple to use in aquariums and swimming pools ensuring the rapid control of water.
    J-QUANT® Carbonate Hardness's Products
    Product Graduation Presentation Product Code Industry
    J-QUANT® Carbonate Hardness 0 - 5 - 10 - 15 - 20 - 30 °d CO₃²⁻ 100 strips/pk 214.1 Laboratory Environmental / Safety Industrial Water Treatment