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Standard Qualitative Filter Paper

Standard Qualitative Filter Papers are used for low gravity, or even quadrant-folded application. Standard Filter Papers have a higher level of α- cellulose than other filter papers, this means that it will weaken when the paper has become introduced to water. We do not recommend Standard Filter Papers if wet handling or vacuum work is necessary. In routine quadrant-folded applications the underline strength of standard (untreated) grades does not present an issue.


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Grade 301

- Very Slow Filtering
Application :

barium sulphate, metastannic acid, cuprous oxide etc

Grade 302

- Medium Filtering
Application :

dyes, ether, alcoholic solutions, Eaux De Cologne, salted solutions, vegetal extracts, hair solutions, perfumes, tinctures, saccharine juices, vinegar

Grade 303

- Medium Filtering
Application :

suitable for fast filtration of liquid with fine particles

Grade 304

- Medium Filtering
Application :

Filter paper used in analytical works in laboratories

Grade 305

- Fast Filtering
Application :

for coarse and voluminous precipitates like hydroxides and sulphides

Available Grades
Grade Whatman Equivalent Speed Thickness (mm) Pore Size (μM) Weight (g/m²) Filtration Speed (sec*) Burst Strength (kg/cm²)
301 = No.5 Very Slow Filtering 0.14 2-3 84 180 > 0.30
302 = No.3 Medium Filtering 0.3 12-16 150 65 3.90
303 = No.2 Medium Filtering 0.16 5-8 87 50 > 0.10
304 = No.1 Medium Filtering 0.16 5-13 73 88 1.95
305 = No.4 Fast Filtering 0.20 12-15 84 10 > 0.30