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  • PES (Polyethersulfone)

    Johnson Test Papers’ PES Syringe Filters are purpose built with features designed to bring the highest levels of performance and purity to your research. These syringe filters contain polyethersulfone material. We offer a variety of membranes to offer separation and purification solutions for the majority of your laboratory needs. PES has a low affinity for proteins and low extraction losses with substantially faster flow rates than PVDF for critical filtration situations where high throughput is required with the lowest protein adsorption. It’s uniform pore structure offers higher mechanical resistance and chemical resistance compared to cellulose-type membranes. It is the first choice for the filtration of biological and pharmaceutical specimens, pre-filtration and filtration of buffers, culture media and sterilising filtration. The membrane is sealed within the polymer housing with using any adhesive. Each unit can be supplied sterilised with ETO of gamma radiation and is guaranteed pyrogen-free.

    Key Features
    • Inherently hydrophilic
    • Low pharmaceutical and protein binding characteristics
    • Low extractables
    • High filtration speed
    • Superior thermal and chemical stability i.e. acids and bases
    • Resistant against most hydrophilic fluids
    • Chemical compatibility: pH 4 - 8
    • Designed with a female Luer-Lok inlet and a male Luer slip outlet
    • Some filters and individually wrapped and sterile, certified RNase-free, DNase-free and DNA-free - non-pyrogenic
    • Water filtration
    • Special chemical reagent filtration such as alkaline liquids and slightly organic solvents
    • Preparation and sterile filtering of of protein based samples
    • High speed filtration of tissue culture medias and other aqueous solutions
    • High temperature liquid filtration
    Specification 13mm
    Material Membrane: PES
    Housing Material: PP
    Filter diameter(mm): 13mm
    Filtration area (cm): 1.09
    Holdup volume (μL) <20
    Sample volume (mL): <10
    Maximum Operating Temperature: 90°C
    Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 87°C
    Applicable pH value: 1-14
    Specification 25mm
    Material Membrane: PES
    Housing Material: PP
    Filter diameter(mm): 25mm
    Filtration area (cm): 4.08
    Holdup volume (μL) <100
    Sample volume (mL): <100
    Maximum Operating Temperature: <90°C
    Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 87
    Applicable pH value: 1-14
    Sizes & Product codes
    Dimension Sterilisation Pack Size Pore Size Product Code
    13mm With 100 0.20μM SFP13P020S
    0.45μM STP13P045S
    25mm With 50 0.20μM SFP25P020S
    0.45μM SFP13P045S
    13mm Without 100 0.20μM SFP13P020N
    0.45μM SFP13P045N
    25mm Without 50 / 100 0.20μM SFP25P020N
    0.45μM SFP25P045N
    Combi Syringe Filters
    Diameter Sterilisation Pack Size Pore Size Product Code
    13mm Without 50 0.2μM SFP25P020G
    Without 50 0.45μM SFP25P045G
    25mm Without 100 0.2μM SFP25P020G
    Without 100 0.45μM SFP25P045G