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  • PVDF-D (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)

    Johnson Test Papers’ PVDF-D Syringe Filters are specially manufactured with characteristics that allow for the highest levels of efficiency and purity to your research and development. Our portfolio includes a range of membranes to offer separation and purification solutions for most of your laboratory requirements.

    PVDF-D (Polyvinylidene fluoride) syringe filters have very low protein binding and high tensile strength. They are employed for filtering non aggressive aqueous and mild organic solutions, or where increased protein retrieval is critical making them appropriate for biomedical filtration, sterilisation filtration, and HPLC sample preparation.

    Key Features
    • Good heat endurance, chemical stability and strong hydrophobicity
    • Designed with a female Luer lock inlet and male Luer slip outlets
    • Also available as individually wrapped sterile filters, certified RNase-free, DNase-free and DNase-free - non phytogenic
    • Chemical compatibility: pH 1 - 14
    • Gas filtration
    • Vapour filtration
    • High temperature filtration
    • Food industry
    • Medicine filtration
    • Filtration of most organic solvents and corrosive chemical solutions 1 Preparation of HPLC or GC samples
    Specification 13mm
    Material Membrane: PVDF
    Housing Material: PP
    Filter diameter(mm): 13mm
    Filtration area (cm): 1.09
    Holdup volume (μL) <20
    Sample volume (mL): <10
    Maximum Operating Temperature: 100°C
    Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 87°C
    Applicable pH value: 1-14
    Specification 25mm
    Material Membrane: PVDF
    Housing Material: PP
    Filter diameter(mm): 25mm
    Filtration area (cm): 4.08
    Holdup volume (μL) <100
    Sample volume (mL): <100
    Maximum Operating Temperature: <100°C
    Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 87
    Applicable pH value: 1-14
    Sizes & Product codes
    Dimension Sterilisation Pack Size Pore Size Product Code
    13mm Without 100 0.20μM SFW13P020N
    0.45μM SFW13P045N
    25mm Without 100 0.20 μM SFW25P020N
    0.45μM SFW25P045N