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  • Humidity and moisture tests

    Humidity Indicator Paper

    Humidity Indicator paper can be used to check dessicants packaged and sealed with humidity sensitive goods e.g. electronics and optical systems are operational and if the goods are being protected from humidity. Relative atmospheric humidity can be quickly and easily ascertained with this test. The final colour change of the test determines the relative humidity of the atmosphere in question.

    Moisture Indicator Paper (Cobalt chloride free)

    The cobalt chloride free Moisture Indicator Paper is a safer alternative to the incumbent Humidity Indicator Paper which contain cobalt chloride (CoCl2) - now known to be carcinogenic and toxic. Individuals who are exposed to this paper while handling or packing can be exposed to it’s toxic effects and a health and safety risk assessment should be carried out before use. Moisture Indicator Paper undergoes a distinctive colour change from yellow/green to colourless and is free from toxic substances and carcinogens.

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    Available Products
    Image Product Detection of Industry
    Humidity Indicator Paper Humidity in air 45%-55% (Relative) Laboratory Healthcare Food Service Education Cosmetics Industrial Water Treatment
    Moisture Indicator Paper (Cobalt chloride free) Humidity in air Laboratory Education Food Service