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Qualitative Tests

Johnson Test Papers’ range of Qualitative Tests are ideal for the qualitative determination of specific ions and chemical compounds. If merely the presence of a compound is required without the detail of the concentration, then these tests will perform a single colour if that compound is exceeds the detection amount.

These tests are highly efficient, require minimal effort and can provide definitive qualitative answer if a sample contains compounds of interest. Some of these tests are for specific use only. Our tests and high quality, long life and are available for a comprehensive range of parameters as shown below.

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Available Products
Image Product Detection of Industry
Cobalt Chloride Paper Humidity in air Laboratory Industrial
Humidity Indicator Paper Humidity in air 45%-55% (Relative) Laboratory Healthcare Food Service Education Cosmetics Industrial Water Treatment
Moisture Indicator Paper (Cobalt chloride free) Humidity in air Laboratory Education Food Service
Lead Acetate Paper Hydrogen Sulphide Lead Acetate Paper Hydrogen Sulphide Laboratory Education Industrial
Starch Paper Iodine Laboratory Education Water Treatment Industrial Environmental / Safety
Starch & Potassium Iodide Paper Oxidising Agents Laboratory Education Healthcare Environmental / Safety Water Treatment Food Service
Water Coolant (EC64) Paper pH of Anti-Freeze Laboratory Industrial
Water Finder Paper Water in Oil Laboratory Environmental / Safety Industrial
Carbon dioxide (CO₂) Carbon dioxide in healthcare and brewing industries Laboratory Healthcare Food Service Homebrew Industrial