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How to order?

Whatever your requirements and whichever industry you are working in, be it research, analysis, technical support. Johnson Test Papers can provide a purchasing solution for you.

You can contact us directly as detailed below, or call our customer service team who will point you in the direction to one of our global distributors.

Contact Us

First of all, get in touch with us! If you'd like to order from us you can contact us via our telephone number +44 (0)121 557 3883 or you can use our contact form if you'd rather not call.

(Bare in mind it may take up to 48 hours for a reply via the contact form.)

If you've called us, we will walk you through the process on the phone. However, if you've used the contact form we'll call you on the number supplied if you've included it (As we want to keep your details as safe as possible) if you haven't we will email you back and attach a form you need to fill in, in order to recieve your products!


Once your order has been received it is then in our hands. If at any time you have any concerns, or issues- let us know. We're happy to help! (Bare in mind delivery time may vary, depending on the courier used. If using a courier)