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    What is Grade 50B?

    Johnson Test Papers grade 50B is a very thick filter with fine particle filter and good loading capacity. It offers a smaller pore size than 50A with high wet strength. 50B filters are particularly useful for liquid clarification of suspensions loaded with fine particulates and liquid scintillation counting.

    • Nominal pore size of 1.0 µm
    • Appropriate for liquid clarification and/or liquid scintillation
    Johnson Test Papers offer a wide range of glass microfibre filters to support your analysis. See our range of glass, binder-free filters to find the thickness and particle retention for your application.
    50B Fine Particle Filter Benefits

    Liquid scintillation counting (LSC) requires a fine particle filter, preferably with a high loading capacity. Grade 50B filters from Johnson Test Papers are ideal for this and similar applications requiring filtration of large volumes such as:

    • Membrane pre-filtration
    • Quantification of solids
    • Waste water analysis
    • Liquid clarification for suspended solids analysis

    Whatman Cross Reference = No.GFB
    Speed class Medium / Fast, very high loading
    Thickness (mm) 0.70
    Pore size (μM) 1.0
    Weight (g/m²) 143
    Filtration Speed (sec*) 200
    Burst Strength (Kg/cm²) 50
    *According to DIN 53137
    Diameter (mm) Product Code
    mm: 21 Product code: 50B021
    mm: 24 Product code: 50B024
    mm: 25 Product code: 50B025
    mm: 47 Product code: 50B047
    mm: 55 Product code: 50B055
    mm: 90 Product code: 50B090
    mm: 110 Product code: 50B110
    mm: 125 Product code: 50B125