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  • J-QUANT® Sulphite

    • J-QUANT® Sulphite test strips can quickly and economically measure the level of free sulphite in liquid. These strips provide consistent results with their easy to use method within 10 seconds of sampling.
    • Measurement of total sulphite requires further sample preparation
    • Sulphite is utilised as an oxygen scavenger in process and boiler water
      • Suphite levels therefore need to be frequently monitored to prevent over treatment
    • Also used for food analysis e.g. fruit juice testing, sulfurated foods (e.g. fresh and dried fruits), shellfish, crustaceans and minced meat products which use sulfur based products to prolong shelf-life
    • Used to monitor production and quality of wine
    • Compatible with sulphite, bisulphite and metabisulphite ions
    J-QUANT<sup>®</sup> Sulphite
    Product Range
    Product Graduation Presentation Product Code Industry
    Parameter: J-QUANT® Sulphite 500 Graduation: 0 - 10 - 25 - 50 - 100 - 250 - 500 mg/L SO₃²⁻ Presentation: 100 strips/pk Product code: 172.5C Industries: Laboratory Homebrew Water Treatment Food Service Environmental / Safety Industrial