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  • Qualitative

    Scientist viewing chemical Our qualitative filter papers are recommended for use in general analytical methods which determine or identify particular constitutes of a mixture regardless of the amount present. Qualitative filter papers are often used in routine separation work that still requires high purity and consistent performance with an average ash content of 0.06%

    Depending on the wet strength, loading capacity, filtration speed and particle retention, Johnson Test Papers offers a comprehensive range of low ash filter papers for general laboratory work. These filters are not acid treated and are made from cellulose fibres with an α-content of nearly 100% according to precise norms.

    Our paper can be supplied as rolls, sheets or discs and covers all requirements for qualitative analysis regardless of the filtration task.

    Key Features

    • Qualitative analysis
    • Made from refined pulp and linters > 95% alpha cellulose content
    • Low ash content of 0.06%
    • Untreated
    • Consistent performance
    • Wet strengthened grades available
    • Supplied in rolls, sheets, discs and folded filters
    • Custom cut
    • Bulk packaging


    • Chemistry industry
    • Calculation of sucrose content in the sugar industry
    • Separation of solid foodstuff from associated liquids
    • Beverage industry
    • Air pollution monitoring
    • Elimination of impurities in the manufacture of essential oils, syrups, fats, nectars of fruits and dense liquids in general.
    • Preparation and cleaning of very dry samples
    • Difficult filtration of various products
    • Prefiltration of samples before a thicker qualitative filter paper
    • Clarification of various samples
    • Must analysis
    • Clean up of biological fluids and organic extracts