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    Man viewing through a scopeQuantitative Filter Papers are used in applications where you want to find out how much of a certain substance is included in the specimen to be tested.

    Johnson Test Papers offers a series of extremely high purity, acid washed filter papers designed for a wide range of critical analytical procedures such as gravimetric analysis.

    The tough, smooth surface of these filters makes it easy to recover precipitates, rendering them particularly suitable for Buchner Filtration. We offer two types of quantitative filters - Ashless and Ashless Hardened. The quantitative grades are manufactured from top quality cotton linters using ultra pure demineralized water and are further treated with dilute acid to eliminate excessive impurities and trace metals to produce high strength and chemical resistance.

    Our Ashless grades are made of 100% cotton linters with an ash content of 0.007% which is important to avoid false test results during subsequent analysis. The ashless hardened grades are made of pure cellulose with a α-cellulose content of almost 100% making them suitable for a wide range of critical filtration procedures. All quantitative grades are manufactured in a strictly controlled environment that ensures high uniformity and high purity from filter to filter.

    Johnson Test Papers offers a full line of excellent quantitative filters ranging from papers with an open fibre structure for the filtration of coarse and voluminous precipitates to papers with a very tight fibre matrix for the capture of very fine grained precipitates.

    Key Features

    • Qualitative analysis
    • Low ash content 0.07% (Acid wash treated)
    • High wet strength
    • Consistent performance Hardened grades available
    • Custom cut
    • Bulk packaging
    • Made of 100% cotton linters
    • Supplied in rolls, sheers, discs and folded filters


    • Chemical industry
    • Food industry
    • Beverage industry
    • Atmospheric analysis
    • Gravimetrical analysis of metal content in mining industry (molybdenum, lead, zinc etc)
    • Sulfur content determination in cement industry
    • Analysis of ores, pig iron and steel (determination of silicon (SiO²) content)
    • Determination of insoluble contaminants in animal and plant fat
    • Gravimetrical analysis in power plants
    • Analysis of substances in waters according to UNE, EN, standard methods etc
    • Blaine test according to EN196:6 and according to the Dyckerhoff Instrument
    • Analysis of soils