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    What is MCE Gridded?

    Johnson Test Papers’ MCE Gridded Membrane is sterile-sealed filter, without protective paper in an individual package. We offer a complete range of mixed cellulose ester membranes, with a wide choice of pore sizes (from 0.22 to 1 μm) and diameters. The membranes are available with or without a grid pattern that are used in many microbiological techniques such as colony counting after incubation. There are clear advantages to these membrane filters including operating convenience, less risk of accidental membrane contamination, less care and skill required to aseptically separate membrane from packaging and a reduction in test time.

    Johnson Test Papers' MCE Gridded membranes are composed of cellulose acetate and cellulose nitrate. The membrane offers a high degree of porosity of internal surface area for greater product adsorption. Mixed cellulose ester membranes are biologically inert and are one of the most widely used membranes in analytical and research applications. They are ideal for gravimetric analysis and are particularly suited for aqueous solutions. This membrane is also often used for contamination tests. They are naturally hydrophilic, biologically inert and offer good thermal stability up to 90 °C.

    MCE Gridded membrane is characterised by a smoother and more uniform surface than the pure nitrocellulose (cellulose nitrate) membrane which facilitates particle detection and a high retention level.

    For additional information on OEM specific applications, Johnson Test Papers has the product breadth and flexibility to meet your needs, as well as the quality standards to help ensure your success. Contact us to discuss application requirements, request free product samples and order products.


    • Water filtration
    • Gravimetrical analysis, sterilising filtration, air monitoring, particle monitoring, particle removal and bioassay
    • Prefiltration and clarification of aqueous removal and analysis, microbiology analysis
    • Particle monitoring, particle removal, dairy microbiology, retention of yeast, moulds and algae
    • QC analysis of fluid holding, particle collection and analysis
    • Microdialysis of DNA and protein determination
    • Fluorescent bacteriological assays


    • Excellent retention and colony growth
    • High recovery rates of microorganism
    • Individually wrapped in easy-peel band pack
    • Designed to maximize flow rates
    • Gamma irradiated for sterilisation
    • Gridded membrane perfect for microbiology analysis
    • From 0.1μm to 3.0μm pore size for different microbe analysis
    Sterilisation Compatability Thickness Extractable Wettability Maximum Operating Temperature Pore Size Range
    Sterilization: Autoclave, ɣ-radiation (25 KGɣ) or with ethylene dioxide Thickness: 100 - 160 μM Extractable: <1% Wettability: Hydrophilic Maximum operating temperature: 90° C Pore size range: 0.22 to 1.0μM
    Technical Specification
    Product Code Pore Size (μM) Minimum Bubble Point (psi) Typical Flow Rate (mL/min@10psi(0.7 kg/cm²)
    MCM047020SW 0.22 0.33 10
    MCM047020SB 0.22 0.33 10
    MCM047045SW 0.45 0.18 30
    MCM047045SB 0.45 0.18 30