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    What is Nylon?

    Johnson Test Papers’ Nylon membrane filters are made of supported, naturally hydrophilic membrane for versatile use and consistent performance. This particular category of laboratory filtration equipment is specifically designed to wet out evenly and retain its superior strength use in general filtration or medical assays Being naturally hydrophilic, Johnson Test Papers’ Nylon membrane does not require wetting agents that can interfere with biological processes. Additionally, its high surface area successfully immobilises antigens, antibodies and other proteins.

    The resulting membrane has a void volume of 70 - 85 percent for high diffusion and low flow resistance with good chemical compatibility with most aqueous (pH 6 - 13) and alcoholic solutions and solvents. The membranes are suitable for use with a wide range of biological preparations and can be used where other membranes are unsuitable or difficult to use.They are well suited for clarification of buffers and nutrient media with a low level of extractables.

    Produced through a proprietary manufacturing process, Johnson Test Papers’ nylon membrane meets rigorous quality standards throughout every step of production. This process generates consistent lot-to-lot binding among the membranes ensuring product uniformity. Johnson Test Papers’ nylon membrane is internally supported with an inert, internal polyester support web giving it added dimensional strength, flexibility and stability that prevents cracking, tearing, curling and breaking. This added strength and durability is advantageous during usage that involves aggressive handling or automated equipment and can be autoclaved.

    Johnson Test Papers’ nylon membrane is available in rolls up to 310 mm wide, as well as sheets, cut discs that can be customized to meet your application and size requirements. Because the Johnson Test Papers’ nylon membrane is manufactured on-site, all customization is easy and cost-effective

    For additional information on OEM specific applications, Johnson Test Papers has the product breadth and flexibility to meet your needs, as well as the quality standards to help ensure your success. Contact us to discuss application requirements, request free product samples and order products.


    • Bacterial removal
    • Biosensors
    • HPLC flowing particle removal
    • Drug filtration
    • Organic solvents filtration IV filters
    • Lateral flow assays
    • Particulate removal


    • Ideal for use in general filtration or medical assays
    • Hydrophilic, which eliminates the need for wetting agents that can potentially interfere with biological processes
    • High Surface Area
    • Superior strength and heat resistance, eases handling when used with automated equipment
    • High Protein Binding capacity
    • Compatible with aqueous and alcoholic solutions
    • Low extractables ensures tests will be clean and pure leading to more consistent results
    • Lot-to-lot consistency, quality checks ensure lot-to-lot consistency, both down and across the polyester web, for dependable results every time
    Sterilisation Compatability Thickness Extractable Wettability Maximum Operating Temperature Pore Size Range
    Sterilization: Autoclave, ɣ-radiation (25 KGɣ) or with ethylene dioxide Thickness: 90 - 120μM Extractable: <1% Wettability: Hydrophilic Maximum operating temperature: 100° C Pore size range: 0.1 to 10 μM
    Technical Specification
    Product Code Pore Size (μM) Minimum Bubble Point (psi) Typical Flow Rate (mL/min·cm²@0.07Mpa)
    NM047020 0.22 0.26 4
    NM047045 0.45 0.16 10