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    Humidity Indicator Paper

    • Our Humidity Indicator Paper can quickly and economically measure the presence of relative humidity in the atmosphere
    • The paper is directly exposed to the atmosphere and turns from blue to pink upon contact with relative humidity between 45% - 50%
    • The paper can be used to determine the need for dehumidifiers, in homes, offices or storage areas that are thought to be high in humidity
    • Humidity paper can also be employed to assess the dew point or frost point
    • Moisture sensitive goods such as electronics and optical systems are commonly enclosed in airtight bags with a desiccant because they have to be kept at low atmospheric humidity
      • This paper can check if the desiccant is working properly and if the product is protected from any moisture
    Presentation Product Code
    Presentation: 100 pieces of 30 x 30 mm squares Product code: 016.95
    Humidity Indicator Paper